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How do I install PRO BIKE SENSOR on my motorcycle?


PRO BIKE SENSOR requires 2 installations:

  • Sensor installed on the motorcycle.
  • Download the App PRO BIKE SENSOR.




Take your motorcycle to a workshop to proceed with the installation of the sensor.

As a result of incorrect installation, the product warranty does not cover damage to the motorcycle or the sensor.

Correct installation is important for optimal sensor measurement results.


Decide where on your motorcycle you are going to place the sensor.

The sensor can be positioned horizontally or vertically. When calibrating via the App, it will recognize the position you have chosen.

Our recommendation is the horizontal position, as flat as possible and in the direction of travel for full effectiveness.

Position the bike as in the pictures, i.e. as straight as possible in all planes.




Do not use "stand" or "kickstand". The motorcycle must be fully supported on the ground and balanced. The sensor must be placed facing forward in the direction or order of travel.

You can be seated on the bike to perform these steps to verify that the bike is balanced in its positions. Proceed to stick the sensor in the decided place with the double-sided tape that comes attached to it. It is important to fix it properly so that it does not suffer vibrations and the measurement is correct.


Connection of the sensor on your motorcycle

You will see that the sensor has power connection wires that must be connected to the "contact" or "positive under key".

We do not recommend connecting to the battery as the device would be running permanently. If you have a switchboard with a positive under key free for accessories, it may be a good place to connect the sensor.

Depending on the position in which you have attached the sensor, you may need to lengthen the sensor wires for connection.

Do not replace the sensor wires as they are specific to avoid current spikes. Add the necessary cable to reach the "positive under key".


Communication of the Sensor PRO BIKE with your App

Download the App


We access the "Settings" of our phone to communicate with the Sensor's own WiFi network. The sensor's WiFi network requires "DATA"; it does not access the Internet, so if when you select your WiFI, a message appears indicating "Do you want to stay connected?", answer "YES", since the sensor requires "Data" for the GPS function.

Enter the password that you will find on the sensor packaging box and that matches the serial number of your device.

If these instructions fail to connect the app to the sensor, check your phone's permissions.

Access the App menu to proceed with the calibration of the sensor position on the motorcycle.

Important: To proceed with the calibration you have to position your bike as indicated at the beginning, i.e. fully balanced on all axes.

MENU = / Sensor Instruction / Set Origin Position


Wait about 10 seconds and your sensor is now communicating with the App.

You can now start your first Track





In real time:

  • You will see on your phone the degrees of inclination you reach on the bike.
  • G-forces applied on the motorcycle.

Do not start the Track until the bike is started as this avoids power surges when starting.



MENU =/Home

  • You will be able to analyze each track in detail once your bike is parked.

To make sure that your Track has been saved, you must stop the track before turning off the bike.


Remember that as a consequence of an incorrect installation, the product warranty does not cover damage to the motorcycle or the sensor.


Must have the PRO BIKE SENSOR




Additional information


Sensor measures: 45mm x 64mm x 10mm


Delivery time 48-72 hours